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I appreciate your follow and appreciate you passing on this information so your friends can find inspiration and get ideas for working out.

I have been a trainer for over 25 years, starting in 1991 as a Group Fitness Instructor with Certifications through AFAA and a Personal Trainer certification through ACE.  I have a great understanding of safety, different levels of fitness from advanced to modifications, as well as workout combinations to guarantee results. 

Working as a Presenter, Conference Presenter, and  filming over 20 professional workout videos for Turbo Kick and PiYo, I have been personally mentored and trained by fitness celebrity Chalene Johnson with her company, Powder Blue Productions from 2000-2012.  With her company I trained the trainers and helped create the certification programming for the wildly popular live workouts Turbo Kick, PiYo, and Hip Hip Hustle. 




My strengths in helping people achieve fitness results and the body they have been looking to achieve are with:

  • Strength Training 
  • High Intensity Interval Training
  •  Problem Areas / Deconditioned 
  • Athletically Conditioned to Just Starting Out
  • Elite Nutrition and Peak Physical Training Education

Are you READY to make a change?  

That’s my girl Julie who decided she was going to just do a 5 day Clean Eating Challenge with me. Well, that rolled into her working with me in my 3 week training group—> and in 2 rotations of it- she achieved THOSE results. She actually submitted her pictures to Beachbody and as you can see, won $500 for transforming herself. 

She’s just 1 of MANY that have achieved success as well as won money since working with me.

Not saying I’m perfect or have the perfect system- but I know that when you keep trying to figure it out and hold yourself accountable to make change- it doesn’t always work.


Check out some of the results from people who have worked with me!



Additionally, I am a “Beachbody Coach.”  Technically, anyone can sign up to be a coach. You don’t need an experience in fitness, nutrition, or have to work it as a business. A coach simple wants to live a healthier lifestyle having more accountability all while being a support and inspiration to others who are/were just like them.  Many coaches are coaches simply to just enjoy the sweet 25% discount on all Beachbody products from Shakeology to any new workout program that comes out.  The ability to create full time income as a coach is possible, and can only take a few short years. If you do not have a coach and are interested in more information about this, shoot me a message or go to

As a coach, I personally like to pay it forward and just help in anyway posssible.

This is why I create these workouts for anyone who needs ideas, inspiration, and free training.

Please pass this link on to your friends! I welcome any comments or requests for training.

~Christine Dwyer